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Rio Dell, California

Rio Dell

James Hale, Director
Public Works Department
675 Wildwood Avenue
Rio Dell, CA 95562
707.764.5480 (fax)
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Specifications for Rio Dell

UPDATED: 9-2-2008
The city of Rio Dell is currently in the process of revising the city's engineering standards for Capital Improvement Projects. At this time the city provides all standards on a project by project basis. Please contact the Public Works Department of Rio Dell with any questions you may have about standard specifications.

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Rio Dell, California maintains their own web page, 'Bid Line' pertaining to bids and RFPs. USspecbook will make regular inquiries to this page to ensure timely notification to our members when an RFP or bid is announced by the city.

If you wish to view the page immediately, please follow the link below:

Rio Dell, California 'Bid Line' Page 

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