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Atlantic County, New Jersey


Joseph D'Abundo, P.E., County Engineer
Division of Engineering
Post Office Box 719, New Road & Dolphin Avenue
Northfield, NJ 08225
609.645.5836 (fax)


Specifications for Atlantic

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Atlantic County Land Development Standards, June 2002

Categories: Street, Storm Drain
Documents are provided online by the Atlantic County Department of Planning & Infrastructure. Located on the linked page under 'Planning Documents Available Online'.
General Land Development Regulations
Subdivision Regulations
Various Standards

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Atlantic County Land Development Standards, June 2002 - Appendix E, Engineering Details

Category: Street
Includes drawing details;
Concrete Vertical Curb
Concrete Gutter
Sidewalk Section
Roadway Pavement Structure
Two Lane Roadway Standards
Lane Transition
Intersection Separations
Road Intersection Configuration
Auxiliary Lane - Grading Information
Standard Driveway Detail

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Atlantic County, New Jersey "Open Formal Bids By Category" Page

Atlantic County, New Jersey "Open RFPs By Category" Page

Atlantic County, New Jersey "Open RFQs By Category" Page

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